Enjoy your home more than ever:

Captivating fragrances of the most majestic forests in the world.
Made from natural tree resin of Mediterranean pine trees, replacing artificial ingredients.
The ingredients and the packaging are PEFC certified: PEFC/14-38-00265
Sourced from sustainable forests – supports local communities.

Take a walk with ÖPSO into the ancient forests of the world and let yourself be enraptured by their magical fragrances with natural ingredients

Forest Map – Source: FAO (UN), Global Forest Resources Assessment 2010, www.fao.org/docrep/013/i1757e/i1757e.pdf. Reproduced with permission.

Scents so fresh and fascinating they could only come from the forest

Irish Woodland Grass

Cut Grass & Touch of Vanilla
Woodland Sweetgrass is gathered in the summer, dried and used to freshen Irish homes. The fresh cut grass scent has a touch of vanilla, reminiscent of childhood and simpler pleasures. This scent makes everyone happier.

Nordic Birch Forest

Herbal Freshness & Green Wood
At the end of winter, the Birch Forests release a fragrant sap. It is a fresh herbal and green woody scent loved for its uplifting fresh sensation.

Amazonian Rainforest Orchid

Honey, White Flowers & Morning Rain
High-up in the rainforest, Amazonian Orchids grow in the trees. They fill the air with a delicate honey, white flowers and morning rain scent that is delightful and airy.

Canadian Maple Forest

Gentle Maple & Warm Wood
The autumn turns Canadian Maple Forests into a vibrant red and releases their distinctive sweet and woody flavour. This is a cosy scent that is never heavy.

Mediterranean Citrus Grove

Citric Infusion & Lemon Blossom
Taking a deep breath of a blossoming Mediterranean Citrus grove will fill your lungs with fresh and aromatic scents. Any home will feel lighter with this sun-packed, sparkling and invigorating fragrance.

Mexican Chocolate Wildflowers

Cocoa & Open Field Freshness
In Mexican Forests, there is a simple daisy that is anything but simple. It smells like cocoa in the morning and open fields in the afternoon. A fresh & fragrant treat for any home.

The innovative composition of ÖPSO replaces the artificial ingredients of traditional fragrances with naturally released resin of Mediterranean pine trees. In this way we contribute sustainably to preserving the forests of our planet, while creating a natural, fresh, and cosy atmosphere in your home.

ÖPSO fragrances and their packaging are PEFC/14-38-00265 certified which ensures that the ingredients come from sustainably managed forests. Through a responsible and sustainable use of forests we contribute to creating jobs and help the local communities that depend on them.

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